NaturalSoy Milk Powder

Product Description

Our spray dried soy milk powder is a natural soy milk powder, which is manufactured from non GMO soy beans. It has a very clean taste and a slightly bean flavor, typical for soy milk.

The shelf life of the soy milk powder is minimum 12 months in the unopened original packaging, stored in a cool and dry place (20-25°C).

The soy milk powder is available in multilayered bags, with food-safe polyethylene lining, with a net weight of 22,68kg (50lb).

Your advantages are:

High Quality Standards
The soy milk powder is made from 100% specially grown GMO-free soybeans and is delivered in a guaranteed quality.

Cost Reduction
Through the use of an (instant-) soy milk powder, the production process of soy milk is greatly simplified and shortened.

High Degree of Flexibility
Production Volumes can be adjusted very quickly.

Example Production Process of Soy Milk

The production of soy milk is carried out in just a few production steps:

  • Dissolve the correct amount of instant soy powder in potable water while stirring the liquid
  • Homogenizing
  • Heating in accordance with the desired durability (from pasteurisation up to ultra-high-heating)
  • Packaging in consumer units
Natürliches SojamilchpulverNatural Soy </br>Milk Powder

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