Originally manufactured inDenmark
Cheese flavor profileMatured, greasy, intense
Milk typeCow's milk cheese
Cheese typeSliced cheese
JENEIL ProductsFlavor concentrate on request



Rasmus Nielsen was very well known for his cheese products and studied cheese making in various dairies and cheese factories. After he came back he wanted to apply his new techniques. Nielsen did not want to simply copy an already known cheese from East Prussia or the Netherlands, but to develop a completely new cheese using the new techniques he had learned. After many experiments, he developed a square pressed cheese with red smear ripening. A square pressed cheese was something completely new at that time, also the rubbing of the cheese with red smear was rather unusual, because it contained several bacteria and yeast cultures at once. The smear ripening process is therefore also known as the "Danish process".

Danbo is a mature Danish cheese made from cow's milk. The surface is smeared during the ripening process. The microbiological flora on a smeared cheese is extremely diverse and varies even for a single type of cheese. The smearing treatment gives it a strong odor and test, sometimes described by lay people as stinky. It has proven to be particularly heat stable and is excellent for cheese crackers, for example. When it is added to the dough, a balanced tangy cheese aroma remains in the baked goods after baking.

Today, Danbo is one of the most typical Danish cheeses and, for Danish dairy professionals, the classic representative of the "pressed cheese" type of cheese. Its production has been an integral part of the training of Danish dairy professionals for over 100 years.

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