Our Mission

We create value by improving food with natural, authentic, and sustainably produced flavor and ingredient solutions.

Jeneil is not just another flavor house. Our core competencies are cheese, cream, butter and yogurt flavor concentrates, which are manufactured by applying biotechnology.

Indulgence and a pleasant taste are the most important criteria for consumers, when they purchase or consume food. Jeneil guarantees a repeating taste experience.

The conventional production of cheese and dairy products requires large amounts of resources and time. As a consequence, it is expensive. The high fat content of these products can also be a disadvantage. A standardization of taste is not possible in many cases. The attempt to achieve indulgence through the use of composed aromas regularly fails due to a flavor profile which is not characteristic.

The unique benefit for our customers arises from the optimization of the traditional maturation. If it is beneficial for our clients, single natural flavor components are added. The innovation of our cream flavor, cheese flavor, butter flavor and vegan flavor concentrates lies in the unique combination of taste intensity and authenticity. Compared to traditional manufacturing processes, much smaller amounts are added to a wide variety of food recipes, including purely vegetable based ones. This has significant advantages: Fewer resources are used; the environment is protected and cheese and dairy products are made available to a larger amount of people. A wide range of consumer can enjoy their food at affordable costs. Finally, the food contains fewer calories, which contributes to a healthier diet.


Jeneil Germany is part of a global, company. Due to the wide variety of different cheese types in the European regions, we offer a product range that takes regional or individual customer requirements into consideration. The two production sites in Europe and the United States guarantee production security, fast delivery times and shorter transport routes, which lead to a lower environmental footprint.

We define our corporate goals together. They are: Derived considering our business strategy, ambitious, clear and measurable.

We strive for long lasting relationships with all our partners. Our values determine our actions.

Through our corporate culture, we offer our customers innovation, quality, flexibility and service.

This guarantees long-term success. Our aim is to continue our innovations being a pioneer in the flavor industry and to be a source for diversity in the food segment.

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