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Dressings / Dips & Sauces

Blue mold: Your friend and enemy

Blue cheese has a unique character. Some people love it - others don't. The savory piquant flavor profile origins the blue mold breaking down the milk fat. This mold could be a significant problem for modern production facilities.

By applying the blue cheese flavor concentrates of Jeneil, this topic is not an issue at all. The authentic blue cheese flavor is combined with microbiological safety. It could be even used in cold sauces.

Additional advantages could be also achieved in other dressings, sauces and dips. They  are: Cost control, standardized flavor profiles, reduced calories. Due to the outstanding heat stability of the Jeneil cheese flavor concentrates, an application in shelf stable sauces is also feasible.



Pasta Dishes

What would be a pasta without cheese?

Many pasta dishes are accompanied by a delicious sauce. It could be a tomato based sauce or a pure cheese sauce like in a Macaroni cheese. Another popular example is a mouthwatering combination of four cheeses, the: "Quattro formaggi" sauce. 

All those condiments do have one thing in common: By using the natural cheese flavor concentrates from Jeneil a fantastic sauce could be created.

This sauce will: Be affordable, contain an authentic cheese taste and have a standardized cheese flavor profile. If requested, it could be made with reduced calories or an extremely long shelf life (since it is heat treated). All those advantages could be combined also, by applying a natural cream flavor concentrate or natural butter flavor.

As a matter of course the cheese flavor, cream flavor and butter flavor concentrates could be used also in similar dishes like filled pasta (e.g. Ravioli, Tortellini) or other ready meals.


Cream Soups

Soup with a cream topping

By adding a topping of fresh cream to a plate of hot soup - it is elevated to a real tasting pleasure. This simple dish is much more balanced and a full bodied mouthfeel is perceived. 

The addition of fresh cream is in many cases not the best option within an industrial manufacturing process. It is rather expensive, prices vary and shelf life is short.

All those challenges could be adressed, by including only up to 1 % natural cream flavor concentrates. 

Our spray dried natural cream flavors in powder form offer convenient handling and storage at ambient temperatures (20 to 25 ° C).


Béchamel Butter Sauce

Simply delicious

In almost every kitchen Béchamel Sauce is used as a simple plain and neutral base for a multitude of different dishes.

For large scale food production the usage of fresh butter is not the best choice anymore. 

Various companies prefer the incorporation of Jeneil´s natural butter flavor concentrates, for the following reasons:

Significant cost saving occurs, by using a small amount of natural butter flavor instead of a big chunk unconcentrated, traditional butter.

By adding the high natural butter flavor concentrates, the fat content of the sauce could be reduced remarkably, which leads to improved nutritional values.

A shelf life of up to 12 months, stable pricing and consistent flavor profiles are additional arguments which are appreciated by Jeneil´s long term customers.


Cheese Sauce

Finest French cuisine - for industrial scale

The natural cheese flavors also show their advantages in cheese sauces.
One example is the Mornay sauce, which is an integral part of French cuisine.

The high taste concentration allows that a small amount of the natural cheese flavors can replace a significant quantity of traditionally aged cheese, such as Parmesan, Emmental, Cheddar or Gruyère.

This optimized recipe with natural cheese flavor concentrates is ideal for the production of large quantities, in which enjoyment at low cost, an excellent recurring taste experience and low calories are important.




Pesto - reloaded

The traditional Pesto is made with Parmesan cheese, which is one of the most expensive cheese types.

For customers, who put a low price as their priority, the formulation costs could be reduced  – without compromising the cheese flavor profile. The Parmesan cheese could be replaced by a combination of lower priced cheese like Gouda and a Parmesan type cheese flavor concentrate from Jeneil.

A straight information to the consumer about the individual ingredients should be a matter of course. This allows the consumer a free choice.

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