Originally manufactured inGouda / Netherlands
Cheese flavor profileMild, creamy
Milk typeCow's milk cheese
Cheese typeSliced cheese
JENEIL ProductsGOG-1500; GOG-1590



Many consumers are familiar with Gouda in sliced form. It is often consumed in this form on breads or sandwiches. Gouda is also often used in the kitchen in grated form. In most cases, this type of Gouda cheese is manufactured on an industrial scale in various countries and not ripened very extensively. That means, the microorganisms do not have enough time to produce a distinct cheese flavor. The taste of young Gouda with 45 to 50% fat in dry matter can be described as: Mild cheesy, creamy.

Traditionally produced Gouda from Holland is a completely different matter. Here, in many cases, raw milk is still processed with the full fat content. The cheese matures for much longer. Normally at least four months. After this time, the cheese flavor is still creamy, but more piquant. As the cheese matures, it becomes darker, somewhat drier, and the paste structure changes to short sections. Gouda can also ripen for more than 18 months and acquires an increasingly spicy to sharp cheese flavor.

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