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Our Natural Cream & Yogurt Flavors

Product Description

Our natural cream flavors and yogurt flavors…
…are characterized by a delicate and balanced cream taste. This could be only achieved by using real cream as basic raw material for our natural yogurt flavors and cream flavors.

Our natural cream flavors and yogurt flavors…
…have a creamy, somewhat pasty texture. They have to be refrigerated at 3-8°C while storing and shipping. Shelf life is between 6 and 12 months, depending on the product. For the convenience of our customers we convert the natural cream flavor paste by spray drying into a powder. This leads to an ambient storage temperature at 20-25°C. Shelf life is minimum 12 months.

Our natural cream flavors and yogurt flavors... paste form are delivered in 18 kg pails. The powders instead are packaged in 20 kg bags. Minimum order quantity is one unit.

Our natural cream flavors and yogurt flavors…
...are in general halal certified, by the HFCE (Halal Food Council of Europe). Certain specialties are halal certifiable on request.

Our natural cream flavors and yogurt flavors…
...are also available with VLOG certification, which is a proof for food manufactured without gentetic technology.

Manufacturing process:

In the United States, this particular category of natural milk flavors is known as Enzyme Modified Dairy Ingredient, EMDI.

These particularly authentic tasting natural cream flavors and yogurt flavors are made from milk or cream. The added enzymes and bacteria ferment under optimal conditions and thereby produce an extraordinarily high concentration of the taste components, which are responsible for a particularly rounded / creamy or even slightly acidic taste. This process is purely natural and is carried out by microorganisms. The result are pastes (powders) with different taste / aromatic characteristics.


Your advantages

Perfect in Taste Sensation
Our cream flavors give many dishes a full-bodied taste. Other flavors, such as chocolate or vanilla, are enhanced as well. The harsh taste profile from spices, for example, is balanced. Undesirable flavors of vegetable fats, starches and other ingredients are concealed as well.

Low Dosage -> Cost Savings
Our cream flavors have a high flavor impact. A delicate taste of cream is provided often times with a dosage of less than one percent -> this reduces your raw material costs significantly.

Low Fat – Intensive Flavor Profile
Low-fat products can be produced with a full-bodied, creamy taste due to the small addition rates of cream flavors.

Positive Declaration
"Natural cream flavor” could be only declared, if at least 95% of the flavor is derived from real cream. This is usually not the case with compounded flavors -> most of the Jeneil flavors can be declared as “Natural Cream Flavor” or “Natural Flavor“.

100% Natural
Our yogurt and cream flavors are 100% natural and made from real cream. This provides our natural flavors their delicate and balanced cream taste.

Longer Shelf Life than Fresh Cream
Our natural cream flavors and yogurt flavors have a shelf life of minimum six months, if stored refrigerated by 3-8°C. Powders are stable at ambient (20 to 25°C) temperature.

High Flexibility in Deliveries
Deliveries are possible already from one unit (18 / 20 kg) – by ordering from our standard range of stock items.

Competitive Prices
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Product No.                      Product Characteristic
Cream Concentrates
LCG-100Authentic taste of fresh and young, sweet cream, improves richness and body in food applications
LCG-101Cream flavor with the unique farmhouse milk chamber taste, intensive, slightly acid and fermented but fresh
LCG-105High impact cream flavor with creaminess and lipolytic notes
LCG-210Mouth filling rich cream flavor with buttery notes
Sour Cream and Yoghurt Concentrates
SCG-8007Balanced fresh taste of fermented, acidified cream
YOG-9032Authentic Yoghurt flavor, characterized by fermented acidic notes, with a sweet milkiness
Product No.                      Product Characteristic
LCG-1610Supplies a well rounded and rich body, with mild sweetness and the typical character of cream
YOG-91095Distinctive acidic profile combined with a sweet milky taste and a yogurt typical fermentation flavor