History of our company

We are the European location of the worldwide operating company Jeneil. Our sister company Jeneil Biotech Inc, is based in the state of Wisconsin, USA. The family business has been successfully specialized for many years on development and production  of natural cheese, cream, and butter flavors. The natural flavors we manufacture, are produced for further processing in the food industry.

Dr. N.R. Gandhi and his wife Josephine Gandhi founded Jeneil Biotech Inc. Dr. Gandhi is an internationally recognized expert in microbiology. In the field of milk processing and refining of raw milk into high quality products, he has already achieved great success by using an enzymatic method developed by him.

1996 – 2005
Jeneil Biotech Inc. has established itself quickly and successfully in its core market in the U.S. The international presence was expended. In order to serve the international customers better, Dr. Gandhi and his family decided on the establishment of a location in Europe.


Jeneil Bioproducts GmbH was founded in Germany in the city of Rosenheim. Jeneil is composed of the names of the children of Mrs. Gandhi and Dr. Gandhi, Jennifer and Neil. The addition in the company name "Bioproducts" is to make a reference to the microbiological production process. The company Jeneil does not produce organic products according to the EC-Environmental Regulation 834/2007.

The Jeneil Bioproducts GmbH has moved to the new company building in Schechen in the north of Rosenheim. The Jeneil Bioproducts GmbH with its own research and development departments, an independent production and a local management is able to best serve the European market in its individuality.

From 2010
Jeneil gains an increasing market share in the European Union and surrounding countries. The company becomes a well-known partner in the food industry. Customers and other stakeholders especially appreciate: the reliability, service and innovations of the company.

For these reasons Jeneil quickly expanded its business activities to countries in Africa, Middle East, India and China.

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