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Our Natural Cheese Flavors

Product Description

Our natural cheese flavors…
…are characterized by a particular intensive and authentic cheese taste. The raw material for our cheese flavors is natural cheese.

Our natural cheese flavors…
…are offered in a wide variety. Our standard product range is sold in paste form which have to be refrigerated at 3-8°C while storing and shipping. Shelf life is between 12 and 24 months, depending on the product. For the convenience of our customers we convert the natural cheese flavor paste by spray drying into a powder. This leads to an ambient storage temperature at 20-25°C. Shelf life is minimum 12 months.

Our natural cheese flavors…
...are used by customers with different priorities. For the low price segment we offer a cost-optimized version. For the premium segment we developed a natural cheese flavor concentrate containing only cheese without any E-numbers. 

Our natural cheese flavors… paste form are delivered as 18 kg units in pails. The powders instead are packaged in 20 kg bags. Minimum order quantity is one unit, if products from our standard range are selected.

Our natural cheese flavors…
...are in general halal certified, by the HFCE (Halal Food Council of Europe). Certain specialties are halal certifiable on request.

Our natural cheese flavors…
...are also available with VLOG certification, which is a proof for food manufactured without gentetic technology.

Manufacturing process

Another name for the natural cheese flavors, Jeneil produces is Enzyme Modified Cheese (EMC). This term is derived from the manufacturing process: during cheese maturation, the dry matter (fat, protein and lactose) is broken down by enzymes and bacteria. This metabolism creates taste components. A variety of these tasty building blocks gives a cheese taste.

With traditional cheese ripening, the conditions (e.g. temperature, water, salt content) are not ideal for the microorganisms. Things are different at Jeneil: In our production, we have the opportunity to create optimal conditions for the bacteria and enzymes. This creates the cheese flavor we love much faster than in the original ripening process. The results are our concentrates.



Your advantages

by applying our natural cheese flavors in comparison to...

...natural cheese or cheese powder are:

Strong Flavor Impact
The flavor concentration is several times higher than in natural cheese (powder).

Low Dosage -> Cost Saving
The addition rate of our cheese flavors is clearly lower and leads to a substantial cost reduction of the entire formulation.

Standardized Flavor Profile
Our natural cheese flavors are standardized to maintain a consistent flavor profile of the consumer product. Flavor expectations are always fullfilled.

Strong Flavor Distinction between Different Cheese Types
Being experts for natural cheese flavor profiles our knowledge is to create distinctive, consistent and well-balanced cheese flavors. Our range includes a differentiation of aroma within a variety. 


Your advantages by applying our natural cheese flavors in comparison to...

...composed flavors are:


Authentic and Characteristic Taste
Our natural cheese flavors have an authentic and characterized taste, individual like the specific cheese type -> Artificial flavors are typically not well-balanced

100% Natural
Our cheese flavors are 100% natural and produced from real cheese -> Artificial flavors are typically not produced from real cheese. Special components of flavors are compounded to obtain the cheese flavor. 

Positive Declaration                                            
“Natural cheese flavor” could be only declared, if at least 95% of the flavor is derived from real cheese. This is usually not the case with compounded flavors -> most of the Jeneil flavors can be declared as “Natural Cheese Flavor” or “Natural Flavor“.


Your advantages by applying our natural cheese flavors in comparison to...

…flavors of competitors are:

A Large Variety of Cheese Flavors
Jeneil offers the widest selection of various cheese flavors profiles in different consistencies (pumpable, paste and powder form) in addition designed for different consumer segments (cost-optimized and premium).

High Flexibility in Deliveries
Deliveries are possible already from one unit, by ordering from our standard range, which are stock items.

Competitive Prices
By maintaining production facilities in the United States and Europe we can guarantee competitive prices to several countries. We gladly generate an offer for you.
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Product No.                      Product Characteristic
Cheddar Concentrates
CHG-5054Round middle aged to aged Cheddar, savory and buttery farmhouse notes, intense cheesy
CHG-5909Middle aged Cheddar, creamy buttery body, Cheddar typical fruity notes, slightly fresh acidic and caramel taste
CHG-5510Fresh acidic, fruity authentic middle-aged Cheddar typical notes, dominant, intensive cheesy and proteolytic profile
CHG-5090Sharp and highly ripened aged Cheddar, cheesy fatty acid notes, ripened protein body, nutty sub-notes
CHG-5040Young to middle aged Cheddar, fresh acidic notes, round and mouth-filing creamy body
CHG-5905Balanced middle aged Cheddar, a full-bodied buttery and fresh-milky taste, with ripened cheese proteins and fatty acid notes
Italian Hard Cheese Concentrates
PCG-3909Italian hard cheese flavor, dominant savouriness, acidic taste profile, clearly perceptible notes of roasted nuts and almonds
PCG-3910Very savory flavor profile of intense ripened italian hard cheese. Mouth filling rich body with flavor enhancement effect
PCG-3901Italian hard cheese: heavy savouriness, slightly pungent in cheesy acids of fat ripening
Blue Cheese Concentrates
BLG-6050Powerful blue cheese flavor, very dominant in piquant fruitiness, added by mushroom like and cream notes
BLG-6150True blue cheese flavor. Typical interaction of piquant-fruity and mushroom tones, highlighted by milky-buttery creaminess
Goat & Sheep Cheese Concentrates
GSG-7735Characteristic middle aged goat cheese taste with creamy-savory body rounded by a harmonic nutty cheesiness
GSG-7737Aged sheep to goat cheese profile, highly intense in sharp sheepy animalic notes, powerful in impact
Various Cheese Concentrates
GOG-1500Middle aged to aged Gouda character, full flavored cheese body, mouth filling savory, rounded by buttery nutty properties
MZG-8518Fresh Mozzarella flavor: milky fermented lactic acid profile, with harmonic creamy and buttery taste
MAG-7602Ripened Manchego profile, with intense mouth filling savory body, combined with a tangy sheep cheese character
EMG-1269Ripened Emmenthal includes the buttery-milky sweetness, the caramel to nutty taste and the lively- fruity acid note
EMG-1270Intense in cheesy, caramel-milky sweet taste with Emmenthal typical propionic fermentation character
CCG-4502Performs with a rich milky-creamy body, mild cheesiness and distinctive culture fermented lactic acid character
Product No.                      Product Characteristic
CHG-5991Ripened aged Cheddar, cheesy fatty acid notes, ripened protein body, nutty sub-notes
PCG-3990Savory and sharp flavor profile of ripened Italian hard cheese, round cheesy-buttery notes and nutty subtones
EMG-1290Cheesy, caramel-milky sweet taste and a mild ripened proteolytic note
GOG-1590Middle aged to aged Gouda character, savory, rounded by buttery nutty properties and mild proteolytic subtones
Product No.                      Product Characteristic
CHG-5922Powerful Cheddar flavor. Combination of fresh, acidic taste, fruity notes and savory proteolytic profile
PCG-3922Very savory Italian hard cheese flavor, with hard cheese typical, pungent cheesy-acids of fat ripening
EMG-1222Sweet to slightly caramelly Emmenthal typical taste and a mild harmonic savouriness
RAG-1422Cheese flavor with the unique aromatic savory profile of aged and proteolytic red smear cheese
Product No.                      Product Characteristic
CHG-50540Taste of middle-aged Cheddar with buttery notes and slightly toasted nutty performance
CHG-50541Distinctive taste of ripened Cheddar with buttery, slightly toasted nutty performance of gratinated cheese
PCG-39100Savory long lasting flavor with balanced sharp cheesiness and the browned nuttiness of it´s rind
EMG-12701Harmonic combination of buttery, creamy, slightly sweet tones with a cheesy-nutty ripened body
Product No.                      Product Characteristic
CHG-91050Intensive Cheddar profile. Savory-enhancing taste, slightly acid notes and mild fruitiness
PCG-91030Powerful Italian Hard Cheese taste high in savory effect and with a distinctive sharp note of long ripening
GSG-91070Characteristic, dominant goat profile, with a creamy-savory body and mild acidic lactic notes
EMG-91020Middle aged Emmenthal cheese, with creamy sweet properties, mild-savory to fruity body

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