Originally  manufactured inTurkey
Cheese flavor profileSpicy, slightly salty
Milk typeSheep's milk cheese
Cheese typeHard cheese
Semi-hard cheese
JENEIL ProductsKVG-12-013-6



Kashkawal, also called Cascaval or Kashkaval, is a cheese known throughout Eastern Europe and Turkey. It is usually made from sheep's milk, occasionally mixed from cow's and goat's milk, and more rarely from cow's milk alone. It owes its name to the production process, in which the raw milk is first processed into a fresh cheese called kash and then kneaded, shaped into loaves and salted to continue ripening until, after several months, it becomes a kind of semi-hard cheese. The cheese taste is very spicy and very slightly salty.

Depending on the degree of ripeness, it is either a semi-hard semi-hard cheese or a very hard cheese. In this case, the consistency of Kashkawal is slightly crumbly, crumbly and difficult to cut into thinner slices (similar to Italian Parmesan). This type tastes best cut into thick slices, breaded and fried, but it can also be used very well for gratinating or in soups, because it melts easily and does not pull threads. Kashkawal is therefore also good for fondues and for sprinkling over salads. A special treat for gourmets is a piece of Kashkawal and olives with red wine or light rose wine. There is also Kashkawal with a smoky note or a garlic note in its cheese flavor. Both harmonize very well with the cheese's own taste. Kashkawal is very digestible and particularly rich in calcium and proteins.

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