Originally manufactured inEngland
Cheese flavor profileTraditional: Nutty, slightly buttery; Meanwhile: Mild, creamy, sourly to aged fruity, savory sour
Milk typeCow's milk cheese
Cheese typeHard cheese
JENEIL ProductsCHG-5054; CHG-5510; CHG-5090; CHG-5040; CHG-5905



The village of Cheddar, which is located in the Somerset region in England gave the name to this cheese. It has been produced there since several hundred years. Some traditional companies still follow the ancient way of manufacture. After the curd drained the majority of whey, it is cut into manageable pieces. Those chunks are stacked and restacked on top of each other. While the whey is pressed out, more acid is formed by the bacteria. The curd looks now like a pancake, which is cut into small sticks which are dry salted and formed.

Nowadays Cheddar, is the cheese with worldwide one of the highest production volumes. It is not only the main cheese in England, but also in Australia, New Zealand, United States or Canada.

Traditional farmhouse Cheddar has a nutty, slightly buttery taste. Meanwhile there is a wide selection of Cheddar Cheese flavor profiles. Depending on the country of origin, age of the cheese and manufacturing method, it could vary from: Mild, creamy, sourly to aged fruity, savory sour. Jeneil offers all this varieties with a high cheese flavor concentration, using the technology of Enzyme Modified Cheese (EMC).

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