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Filled Pasta

Pasta with a cheese filling - my favorite dish

Pasta dishes with a cheese filling like: Tortellini, Cappelletti or Ravioli are popular in many countries. The type „Quattro Formaggi“ is especially liked. Ricotta – or a different filling – could be refined with JENEIL cheese flavor concentrates. This is leading to an intensive, characteristic cheese flavor with comparable low costs. The addition of expensive, ripened cheese (flavoring powder) is not necessary anymore.


Refined potatoes

Potatoes remastered

Dishes made with potatoes are popular in many countries.

In order to have a little more variety with this (side) dish, the refinement with a fine cheese taste is a good idea. An example could be fried grated potatoes, called Rösti which are a popular dish of the cuisine in Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

Also croquettes could be refined by a fine note of: Emmenthal, Gruyére, or Blue Cheese! Those and many more varieties are possible by adding a low amount of the natural cheese flavor concentrates, Jeneil offers.

Have you tried mashed potatoes with and without a chunk of butter? What a difference! The dish becomes much more balanced and rich! By adding just a knife point of the well-balanced, high concentrated natural butter flavors, which we offer - the same impact could be achieved. At lower costs, with reliable pricing and a standardized cheese flavor profile.

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