Originally manufactured inGreece
Cheese flavor profileSalty, sharp, spicy
Milk typeSheep's and goat's milk cheese
Cheese typeSoft cheese
JENEIL ProductsWHG-7452



Feta, which translates as “slice” has been made in Greece for many hundreds of years. In the meantime, the term Feta is protected by the EU Commission. Only white cheese made from sheep's and / or goat's milk may be called feta. The Feta cheese must also be produced on the Greek mainland and the islands of the former prefecture of Lesbos.

The sheep's milk used characterizes the taste of feta. This gives the cheese a special spicy, sharp, cheese flavor. 

Much milder is white cheese, which is usually made from cow's milk. This cheese can´t be declared as a Feta in the European Union.

The cheese is commonly stored in a brine or oil. This prevents the surface from drying out. Further the growth of mold and other undesirable microorganisms is disabled. The typical structure of feta or white cheese is often crumbly due to the comparatively very acidic cheese dough. Softer and creamier is white cheese produced with modern ultrafiltration equipment, which is enclosed in Tetra Pack. Feta or white cheese is used in the kitchen, depending on the preferred cheese flavor. In salads, as a filling or even for gratinating.

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