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Vegan cheese alternatives

As good as the original?

Vegan cheese alternatives are getting more popular, since many consumers see them as a healthy alternative to traditional cheese products.

The disadvantage of the plant-based ingredients is always the flavor! None of them have a cheese taste. Since the eating pleasure is still the core argument for consuming food in Europe and many other countries, the addition of an authentic natural vegan cheese flavor is without an alternative.

The food specialists at Jeneil developed vegan cheese flavor profiles, just for this segment. The experts took advantage of decades of experience in the creation of plant-based cheese flavor profiles, when they created this new and innovative vegan dairy flavor variety.

Of course, the vegan cheese flavors can also be used in other non-dairy food applications, which should achieve a milk, cream, or butter flavor. Examples could be: Sauces, dressings, or crackers.

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