Our Values

Our company is based on the following core values:

Respect - we value the contributions, opinions and concerns of both: our colleagues and external partners. We practice solidarity with each another.

Honesty - we communicate transparently, honestly and clearly both internally and externally with all our stakeholders.

Commitment - we are motivated and show extraordinary commitment to achieve our common goals.

Competence - we make sure that everyone's responsibilities are appropriate to their skills. The personal and professional qualification of our employees is continuously and individually developed. We accept mistakes that happen despite conscientious and responsible behavior. If an error happens, we review together the working process and methods, in order to improve them.

Team spirit – only together we are strong. Company success is only possible if the contributions and achievements of each individual built on each other.

Equality - we consider all people to be equal. We take this principle for granted. All positions are sourced solely on the basis of qualifications.


We understand that our company is only a part of the whole. That is why we consider everyone involved in our value chain to be members of our extended team.

Overall, we maintain collegial and fair relationships with each other, which are characterized by cooperation and support. As a consequence, a positive environment for everyone involved is created. The individual’s current life situation of each person is taken into account as much as possible.

Our common company values are lived by everyone in their daily work, which guarantees a pleasant and trusting working atmosphere. This is motivating for us. As a consequence, our goals and ambitions can not only be met, but also regularly exceeded. The result is a long-term successful company.

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