NameXygalo Siteias
Originally manufactured inCrete / Greece
Cheese flavor profileFresh, sour, slighlty salty
Milk typeGoat's and/or sheep's milk cheese
Cheese typeCream Cheese
JENEIL ProductsFlavor concentrate on request

Xygalo Siteias


Xygalo Siteias is a cheese spread made from pasteurized or raw goat and/or sheep milk from the island of Crete in Greece.

This soft, spreadable cheese has been made withinside the municipalities of Siteia, Makry Yialos, Itanos, and Lefki for over 50 years. It is comprised of goat or sheep milk from the neighborhood breeds, which feed on a weight-reduction plan of neighborhood herbs and fragrant plants. Sheep milk is most effective used whilst now no longer sufficient goat milk is available, however in this situation the fats content material is adjusted to maintain the fats content material of the very last product below 46%. Matured Xygalo Siteias has a whitish color and is of granular or creamy spreadable consistency. The cheese taste is fresh, acidic, slightly salty and has a pleasant aroma peculiar to the species. It is suggested to serve Xygalo as an hors d’oeuvre or to serve it in a salad with an olive oil French dressing.

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