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Butter Cookies / Short Bread

Rich taste - low costs

A significant part of butter cookies or short bread is butter.

Several producers of such baked goods were searching for other options, for various reasons: Butter is expensive and the price varies significantly.

An alternative could be the usage of vegetable fat, in combination with highly heat stable natural butter flavor concentrate.

A recipe, which includes the above mentioned combination with natural butter flavor concentrate, leads to reduced formulation costs and full eating pleasure.  

The natural butter flavors are also offered in powder form. This allows a convenient handling in the production. Storage and transport is possible at ambient temperature (20 to 25 ° C).


Cheese Cake at all varieties

Fresh, creamy, delicious!

Cheese cake is a popular dessert. Different varieties are sold fresh or frozen.

In the traditional recipe double fat cream cheese is responsible for the typical taste. The downside of the cream cheese are often: High costs, too much moisture, excessive calories - but not sufficient flavor impact.

By applying our natural cream cheese flavor concentrates those difficulties could be solved.

Already at low addition rates of the cream cheese flavor concentrates an intensive, characteristic cream cheese taste profile is clearly recognizable - even the cake is prepared, frozen and re-heated again.


Baked goods

Intensive butter taste - also after the baking

Many baked goods are characterized by an intense buttery taste.

This quality is traditionally achieved by using significant amounts of butter.

Cost reduction is especially in this food segment a frequent demand. This requirement can be met by using vegetable fat, in combination with natural butter flavors. Composed flavors - which are offered by flavor houses - are in most cases not heatstable enough for this product category.

The natural butter flavor concentrates Jeneil offers are particularly heat stable, since they are made from real butter fat - instead of flavor components.

A high flavor concentration is achieved by fermenting the milk fat.



Frosting / Icing & fillings for Chocolate

Add a fresh signature to the sweet

Frosting decorates a wide variety of cakes and give them an individual signature. Fillings are just delicious in all kinds of chocolate.

The main ingredients of such icings / fillings are commonly fat and sugar, which leads to a rather ordinary taste.

A refreshing individual taste profile could be achieved by adding a small quantity of Jeneil´s natural yogurt flavor or natural cream cheese flavor concentrate.

This small improvement leads to a completely new taste experience that distinguishes your cake / dessert from other offers.



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