Premium Flavor Concentrates

Natural Cheese Flavor Concentrates

In reference to the manufacturing process, our natural cheese flavors are also known as Enzyme Modified Cheese (EMC). With small addition rates, it is possible to achieve an intensive, authentic cheese taste in various food products. Due to our high specialization, we do offer a wide variety of different cheese flavor profiles.

Natural Cream Flavor & Yogurt Flavor Concentrates

Fresh Cream is the main component of our natural cream flavor creations. By adding just a knife point, it is possible to create, intensify or complete the taste profile of many food specialties. The cream flavor concentrates are also especially useful to mask or cover unpleasant side notes, which could be incorporated by other functional ingredients.

Natural Butter Flavor Concentrates & Starter Distillate

By applying different fermentation technologies, butterfat receives diversified butter flavor characteristics like: Fermented-lactic, creamy-mild, sweet, acidic etc. A special type of natural butter flavor is Starter Distillate, which is received by the distillation of fermented milk. This natural source of diacetyl provides as well to other goods a creamy / buttery note.

Natural Plantbased Flavor Concentrates

Improve the consumer acceptance of your plantbased foods by giving them a great taste of cheese, cream or butter! The technicians at Jeneil have brought their decades of experience in the field of natural cheese flavors, cream flavors and butter flavors to develop this innovative product range. Check out our plantbased flavors!




Our Company


Jeneil is not another flavor house!

The family owned and independent company is highly specialized in the development and production of cheese and dairy concentrates, which are all made from selected dairy raw materials: Cream, Butter & Cheese. Due to an optimized fermentation process, microorganism do create an amount of flavor, which is 15 to 30 times greater than in regular cheese, cream, butter and yogurt products.

It´s taste perfection with naturally fermented, concentrated cheese, cream & butter is unparalelled in the entire food and flavor industry.

Low dosage gives true intensive, natural cheese flavor, cream flavor & butter flavor to various food products. This allows both a cost saving and a nutritional improvement of the formulation. Since the flavor is derived from primary source, the flavor profile is authentic. Standardized processes lead to consistent flavor profiles. Microbiological safety is paramount.

Our state of the art production facility located in Southern Germany, produces not only a range of popular natural cheese flavors, like Cheddar, Parmesan and Blue Cheese, but also specialties like Emmental or Manchego. In addition to our cheese range we also produce a selection of natural cream flavors, natural sour cream flavors, natural yogurt flavors, natural butter flavors and starter distillates. All manufactured to our exacting standards. This high quality has been confirmed during several IFS audits (International Featured Standards, for Food) during recent years. They were passed at higher level.