NameFresh Cheese
Originally manufactured inEurope, USA, Germany
Cheese flavor profileCreamy, fresh, mild
Milk typeCow's milk cheese
Cheese typeCream cheese
JENEIL ProductsCCG-4502

Fresh Cheese


Fresh cheese is not stored or ripened after production. This explains the name. Another distinctive feature is that, compared to many other cheeses, the milk is (in most cases) mainly thickened by lactic acid bacteria. This is where the typical fresh, slightly acidified creamy cheese flavor is coming from. It is not only popular as a spread but also a common ingredient in the kitchen. Examples are: Cheese cake, Sushi or various frostings.

Burgos cheese (named by the town in Spain) is quite popular in this region. The milk is coagulated only with rennet, without any starter culture added. The cheese flavor is milky sweet, with slightly fresh notes.

Originated in Italy is Mascarpone, which is also defined as a cheese. Its mild fresh, slightly sweet cream flavor, makes it a perfect choice as a basis for different desserts.

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