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Crackers / Grissini

Real cheese - real taste

Looking for delicious cheese crackers?

Most crackers used to be manufactured by incorporating a high proportion of cheese (flavoring powder) in the dough, before baking. Due to the high baking temperatures, applied at modern baking lines, the cheese flavor in such baked goods was not very distinct.

Composed cheese flavors are very heat sensitive and no suitable alternative for this application.

The natural cheese flavor concentrates from Jeneil instead, are rather heat stable and supply a distinctive cheese flavor to crackers, even they are added at comparable low dosages. Since the cheese flavor is with this technology incorporated inside the cracker, it will be released just after a few seconds chewing.



Snacks / Crisps

Why should you use our products?

Spice blends are often completed by cheese flavor or (sour) cream flavor profiles. This condiment is sprinkled on top of various snacks.

Different seasoning producers prefer already the powdered natural cheese flavor concentrates, instead of applying the conventional cheese powders.

There are different reasons for this tendency. The cheese flavors which Jeneil offers are more intensive and a clear characteristic cheese flavor profile could be easily recognized.

This allows supreme taste - at affordable costs.




Baguettes / Bread

Cheese taste makes the difference

With a distinct cheese taste in your bread, you can create a unique selling point in this mass market.

High quantities of cheese (flavoring powders) are not only hardly affordable, they could lead also to texture problems in the bread. Composed cheese flavors are no suitable alternative, since they are very heat sensitive.

A fitting solution is the application of the fermented, natural cheese flavors, which are made from real cheese. This technology results in concentrated, heat stable and authentic cheese flavor profiles, suitable also for baked goods.


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