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Sweet Desserts

Why should you use our products?

Dairy richness in combination with beneficial nutritional profiles at reduced formulation costs. This could be only accomplished by using Jeneil cream flavor and butter flavor concentrates.

Sweet desserts like: Tiramisu, Panna Cotta,  Crème brûlée, Flan, milk rice, porridge but also sweet sauces could be manufactured more cost-effectively and with lower calories by adding our natural cream flavor and butter flavor concentrates.

Expensive raw materials which do carry in addition a high amount of calories could be replaced. An alternative to cream or whole milk could be skimmed milk.

The lack of dairy richness can be compensated by adding natural dairy flavor concentrates like cream flavors and butter flavors from Jeneil, which generate a creamy smooth flavor and mouthfeel in the product.


Chocolate Pudding

Dairy richness - with only 1,5 % fat content!

Chocolate pudding is especially rich and delicious, if it is made from milk with a high fat content (e.g. 10 % fat). Further common ingredients are cocoa powder and starch. This traditional recipe has several disadvantages. The fat in the cream is not only a significant cost factor, it supplies as well a lot of calories. The cocoa powder is necessary for the taste and the starch for proper consistency of the product, but both ingredients are leading frequently to an unpleasant, harsh mouthfeel. Jeneil developed a solution for these challenges: Low fat milk (with 1.5 %) could be enriched by adding concentrated cream flavor before the cooking process.


Ice Cream

Creamy, rich, delicious!

The richness of cream is hard to beat! At the same time producers are forced to find inexpensive formulations, which fulfill the demand for low cost ice cream.

A replacement of milk fat by cost-efficient vegetable fat decreases the ingredient costs significantly. Unfortunately the product will lose its creamy taste. By using the butter flavor and cream flavor concentrates from Jeneil, the ice cream will get a full-bodied buttery and creamy taste.


Preparation with High Protein Content

How could protein taste good?

Foods with a high protein content show high growth rates. A health cautious, nutrutional benefitial diet is the reason, why more and more consumers demand such products. 

High protein content leads to a harsh mouthfeel and taste of these goods. Only a knife point of Jeneil cream flavor or butter flavor concentrates could change the perception significantly. Nutrient food receives a round and full bodied taste and mouthfeel which will create the difference to cream flavor and butter flavor products from competitors.

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