Originally manufactured inSwitzerland
Cheese flavor profileMild, nutty, sweetish
Milk typeCow's milk cheese
Cheese typeHard cheese
JENEIL ProductsEMG-1270; EMG-1290; EMG-1222; EMG-12701; EMG-91020



Emmentaler is known and loved all over the world. It is the “king of cheese”. The reason for this could be the size with a diameter from 80 to 100 cm and a remarkable weight. A traditional cheese wheel has a weight between 75 and 120 kg. The name is derived from its origin: A valley called Emmental in Switzerland. In terms of appearance, the large holes are extremely typical and have become a symbol of cheese. These are caused by the metabolism of special propionic bacteria which produce carbon dioxide during cheese ripening. The taste of Emmentaler, can be quite different. One reason is, whether raw milk or heat-treated milk is processed. In Switzerland, Emmentaler is still made from raw milk today. The same applies to the Allgäuer Emmentaler or the "Emmtal Francais Grand Cru" from France. If raw milk is used the cheese taste profile is more pronounced.

A mild nutty cheese flavor is typical for rather young Emmental cheese, which is majored for approximately four months. A strong piquant cheese taste is more common for Emmental cheese, which is more than six months old.

Especially in English speaking countries, cheese with a similar appearance and cheese flavor are known as “Swiss cheese”.

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