Originally manufactured inItaly
Cheese flavor profileCreamy, slightly sour, fresh
Milk typeCow's milk cheese
Cheese typeSoft cheese
JENEIL ProductsMZG-8518



Mozzarella are the most popular cheese types within the group of “formaggi pasta filata”. There are different types of Mozzarella available: The original one from Buffalos milk, which has commonly a softer texture inside and a more creamy, rich and fresh taste profile.

Much more widespread is now mozzarella cheese, made from cow's milk. In traditional mozzarella production, thermophilic bacteria are added to the cheese milk to lower the milk and subsequently the curd to a slightly acidic pH. Today, many larger producers achieve the desired acidity by adding citric acid. This is necessary to combine and knead the cheese in hot water to a homogeneous mass. After the kneading process, the cheese is formed. Here a distinction is made between the mostly spherical products, which are sold in a light brine and bricks, which are sealed under vacuum. Both formats are sold fresh without any maturation. Mozzarella has typically a milky fresh, slightly sour cheese flavor profile. It is used at several occasions and dishes. Together with tomatoes as a “Caprese” in salads or of course on top of a Pizza.

Mozzarella cheese is commonly the most expensive ingredient of a Pizza. For very price sensitive customers, a “Pizza Topping” has been developed. It contains instead of milk fat vegetable fat and some part of the milk protein is replaced by starch, in order to save costs. In order for the melted pizza topping to have long strings, casein (dried milk protein) is often used. This makes the texture ideal, but unfortunately the taste leaves much to be desired. To optimize this, a natural cheese flavoring of Jeneil is often added. The product made in this way, is not cheese according to the German cheese ordinance, but certainly a very tasty food.

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