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Caramel / Fudge / Toffee


We all remember the rich creamy / buttery taste of toffees from our childhood! Yummy.

A caramel sauce / topping is an eating pleasure, which is hard to beat! Just delicious.

This kind of sweets are commonly made with a significant amount of cream or butter.

Depending on the individual customer request - cream flavor and butter flavor profiles could be enhanced - or formulation costs could be significantly reduced.

The flavor increase is possible by adding the natural cream flavors and natural butter flavors in addition to the real cream (powder) or butter.

The cost-cutting could be achieved by replacing (partially) the cream and butter by a combination of vegetable fat and skimmed milk powder. The lack of cream flavor or butter flavor could be compensated by adding the natural cream flavor and / or natural butter flavor concentrates from Jeneil.




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