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Our Natural Plantbased Flavors

Product Description

Our natural plantbased flavors…
...offer a diverse variety of authentic natural plantbased flavors for plantbased cheese and dairy applications.

Our natural plantbased flavors...

...are developed by our technologists, who have decades of experience in analyzing and creating cheese flavor and dairy flavor profiles.

Our natural plantbased flavors…
...are available in a wide selection of cheese, butter and milk profiles in flavoring powder forms.

Our natural plantbased flavors…
...are designed to perform in diversified bases.


Your advantages

100% Natural
Our natural plantbased flavors are 100% natural.

Perfect in Taste Sensation
Our natural plantbased flavors give many plantbased  food products a characteristic cheese flavor profile. Balanced cream flavors and butter flavors could be achieved in several dishes.

Long Shelf Life
Our natural plantbased flavors have a shelf life of minimum 12 months in its original container in compliance with the storage conditions.

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Product No. Product Characterisitic
Vegan Cream Flavors
SCG-91090Typical profile of fresh, lactic acidified milk
LCG-92100Dairy, milky-creamy, cooked, sweet, rich
Vegan Cheese Flavors
CCG-91040Cream cheese typical, mild cheesiness and distinctive culture fermented lactic acid character
MZG-91080Fresh Mozzarella flavor with milky fermented lactic acid character. Rich in harmonic creamy and buttery taste
CHG-92050Brings a real Cheddar typical, cheesy, fruity and savory taste together with a buttery body to vegan cheese bases
PCG-92030Authentic italian hard cheese taste with a savory body and distinctive sharp note of cheesy acids typical for long ripening
EMG-92020Savory Emmenthal taste, with a creamy, slightly sweet and propionic flavor profile
GOG-92010Middle aged Gouda with mild lactic acid notes, long lasting savouriness, buttery and distinctive cheesy
Product No.                      Product Characteristic
Vegan Butter Flavors
NBFG-815Aromatic, buttery, cultured

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