Our Sustainability

Jeneil’s goal is to integrate through its vision, core purpose, corporate values and corporate goals sustainability into the corporate culture and thus to make it part of the corporate DNA. We prefer to do business with companies, which share the same values, like us.

In order to be in harmony with nature and our fellow human beings, we take our environment and social aspects into account.

For Jeneil, sustainability primarily means not only eliminating negative influences on the environment and society in the long term, but also to consider the societal responsibilities. Examples are:

• Protection and saving of natural resources, as well as the focus on renewable resources.

• To buy, produce or sell our products and services with the smallest possible ecological footprint, i.e. to be CO2 neutral, zero waste, etc.

• Reduction and avoidance of CO2 emissions on the transport routes of our products.

• Elimination of waste of any kind, in particular saving and optimizing the packaging of our products.

• The generation of regenerative energy and heat for our products.

• To supply safety training and protective equipment to our employees, to avoid any injuries during work.

• Educate, train and encourage for further education, in order to enable a career development within our organization.


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